Color, Composition and Story #2

I have never liked posed pictures. I think it started when my Mom nagged me into getting my Senior Picture done. True, in those days the photographer would doctor the shot so much it had a cadaver quality to it.

On Instagram I follow a creative photographer, #colintemplephoto , who has a fantastic eye for street scenes. He can capture life and they are never stilted or arranged.

We were on the pier at New Port Beach walking back toward shore when this scene caught my eye. I snapped it quick and I consider it a marvelous picture of color, composition and story.

Triplets running free unencumbered by clothes, or cares. Seagulls floating by. Far out in the distance an oil rig sitting in the Pacific. The waves are crashing and the sand is inviting. A surfer catches her breath.

One response to “Color, Composition and Story #2”

  1. Nice capture. It looks natural and like it tells a story of its own. I love it. Great shop and great composition.


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