Color, composition and story

I see old photos I’ve taken pop up on screensavers and I have thought, that’s a nice shot. I especially like the color, I know I am a sucker for vivid colors. Then I enjoy how the shot played out. I rarely, if ever take a staged shot, so composition becomes the spontaneous ‘action’ of the picture. Finally a photo tells a story. If you know what was happening it brings it all back. Even if you don’t know what was happening, a good photo grabs you and pulls you in.

In this shot, Haley and I were hot and tired after hiking around Washington DC. We sat with our Starbucks drinks and were getting ready to brave more walking when this lady sat down and just started to talk.

She explained in great detail how both the FBI and the CIA has been tracking her every move. She was sure the Holy Spirit had been waking her every day and telling her to move from where she was so she would not get caught.

I was listening closely and Haley was trying to keep from laughing. I was interested and Haley was looking around for souvenirs. It was a fantastic time to be alive.

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