Blurring the line between wander and wonder: The Moonlight Forest

We continue to explore Southern California with the idea that we would feel bad if we left and said, I wish we would have done that, or gone there.  The Los Angels Arboretum is a fantastic venue to see natural habitats from around the world, but mostly Southern California.

Last year we saw advertisments for The Moonlight Forest.  We thought, ‘what the heck, let’s go.’  It is a little hard to explain with words what this event is.  Since it is held during late November to early January, I thought it was perhaps a ‘Christmasy’ thing.  In my time at the Denver Zoo I was there when the Denver Zoolights was a big deal.  For 5 years in a row I was in charge of all of the volunteers for what became a major Christmas show in Colorado.

The ads for The Moonlight Forest looked bright and colorful so we thought it would be along the lines as the Zoolights.  Nope.  It was many acres of Chinese Lantern Art. A company from the Sichuan Province spent months setting up the display.  Animals and plants along with Chinese culture almost overwhelmed us as we wandered around the Arborteum.

Here are only a few pictures of what we witnessed:

Pictures 1 – 9 were taken on my 8+ iPhone.  Pictures 9, 10 were from Denise’s LG 6 (which often times takes better pics than my iPhone)

One response to “Blurring the line between wander and wonder: The Moonlight Forest”

  1. Pretty awesome!! Brings back memories of Zoo Lights


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