Summer Trip one of 2019. Longmire Days

Craig Johnson will release the latest in his Longmire series on September 20th. Denise and I started with the Netflix TV series then graduated to the ‘source’ the best modern author we have ever read: Craig Johnson.

We traveled to the home of Walt Longmire, Buffalo Wyoming. We met Craig and heard him do a reading from his new books.

All but one of the actors, Lou Diamond Phillips, were in the small town in the Big Horn Mountains of northeast Wyoming. Along with our friend, John Wilfly, we had a blast soaking in all things Longmire.

2 responses to “Summer Trip one of 2019. Longmire Days”

  1. Thanks for letting us tag along and share the experience with you. We really enjoyed ourselves and our time with you.

    P.S. We still need to get you a proper bowler hat shipped to you!


    1. It was our pleasure. (Not a Bowler, a Derby)


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