A song about that caravan heading towards the southern boarder


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  1. Bonnie Flanders Avatar
    Bonnie Flanders

    A few weeks back, I worked that night football game. As I left the stadium with 110,000 people, there was a man in a wheelchair right in front of the stadium. He had no legs and crooked hands. He held a paper cup out for spare change. Everyone, including me, walked past him and paid no attention. I walked a few feet and said to myself “ oh Bonnie how could you?”. I had brought a $10 bill  in case I got cold and needed a hot chocolate.  I walked back and got down and put my hand on his shoulder. I handed him the money and told him to stay warm tonight. It was the right thing to do. He said “ God bless you young lady.” As I walked a long, someone next to me said “ he’ll probably just buy booze with it.” I said “ we have choices and so should he”.  That was that. I wonder if everyone just took a moment to do the right thing, maybe the world could be a kinder place. I guess we won’t know for quite some time.Bonnie 

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