Street Musicians Number 32

Denise and Nela sat down at a coffee place on the St Stephens Square in Vienna, they spent a good hour or more plotting our next day of the Great European Adventure.  I wondered around and found this young gentleman playing an especially nice rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen.


He was very good, but no one was stopping.  Finally a young couple with a baby in a stroller stopped and the kiddo was fascinated.


Soon, up walked the violinist’s partner and they launched into beautiful duets.  They sure looked like each other, I wondered if they were brother and sister.


With two musicians playing the crowd began to take notice.


Music tells a story.  I was fortunate to record, in photos, this story.  And yes, I did give them all of the Euros I had in my pocket.

2 responses to “Street Musicians Number 32”

  1. Linda McElroy Avatar
    Linda McElroy

    Hey Denise
    It’s been a long time. Remember Adrian 1969

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    1. Yes! Wow! Where are you? How are you? How did you happen to find our blog?


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