This is how…working on my Rewrite

It has been since November that I have written another installment of the exciting story of Flanders Music – “This is How I Remember It.”  The next episode is 1965, the year the store opened.

When I do these, I push myself backwards to attempt to see what was happening.  I try to stand outside of the action and find words to describe things that are now history.  Inevitably what happens is that I become enmeshed in feelings.  And, this is what takes me so long, I find myself attempting to sort through  words to express the emotions and I realize rather than objective, newspaper style reporting, it was a time in my life that has influenced everything I have done since.

I will write the next episode soon, in the meantime, here is something from my good friend, Paul Simon, to tide you over

One response to “This is how…working on my Rewrite”

  1. Love, love, love that song.  Thanks for reminding me to listen.  I know your stories are not documentaries, but a mix of feelings and facts (= fiction), but they remind me of how I remember it.  So interesting to read your perspective and compare to mine.  


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