The One and Only…

SP Deluxe

I know I am a few days late, it came out on June 1, but I just obtained the 20th Anniversary Deluxe Sgt Peppers.  The re-mix of the songs by George Martin’s son was unbelievable.  They remind me of when I take a photo and then develop it in Adobe Lightroom.  Martin Jr has brought out the elements of the pieces like I do when I improve the clarity, the vibrance and saturation.  Songs pop out like they didn’t in the original versions.  I know it is cliché, but it is like hearing them all for the first time.  Vocals are pure and rich.  The drums and cymbals are crisp and moving.  Instruments sound like you are in the same room.  And as Rolling Stone Magazine said, underneath it all is still the band.  I have been listening to this album for 50 years and it has reinvigorated my appreciation for what the boys and George Martin created.

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