Why I love photography

In my time as a retired person, I have taken maybe at this point, thousands of pictures.  From trips to nature to soccer games and all other grandkid adventures, I have been filling up two external hard drives with things I find interesting.

Photography can tell stories that other mediums cannot.  It captures a moment and allows us to study, or contemplate what was happening.  It freezes the subject and gives us a glimpse into a  instance of history.  Here are three more photos that I find fascinating and allows me to see how I am related to all that surrounds me.

brown-bear  From the National Geographic Magazine daily photo contest.  A magnificent brown bear catching lunch.

greatest-selfie-ever With good cell phone cameras, such as the HTC phone, everyone is a photographer.  This is the greatest selfie ever taken.  It was at a concert in Australia the first week in February, 2017.  She jumped up on a chair and took this selfie, The Boss noticed and gave her the best selfie anyone could get.


The Pope invited indigenous people to Rome to show his support and solidarity.  This picture captures the Pope receiving a blessing from this Indian.

Moments in history that are not lost, because of a wonderful capturing photo.

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