To Contemplate

Every-s0-often I come across pictures that my first reaction is: ‘I wish I would have taken that photo. Here are three that I have seen recently.

James Finley from the Center for Contemplation and Action (Richard Rohr’s group) wrote this:  ““To contemplate” means to observe carefully, to pay attention. Throughout the day, things catch our eye and we momentarily contemplate them. In the quietness of the sustained attentive gaze, we recognize a preciousness—an immediate worth or value for which no words can do justice. And we sense this is so because the worth or value is God’s presence pouring itself out and giving itself away in and as the gift and miracle in whatever it is that may have captured our attention.”

Contemplate these three wonderful photos:

thin-mints A creative composite photo completed by an incredibly gift mom based in Kansas.

soup-up-wendy-shot A photo by one of my favorite photographers:  Wendy Craig from the Discovery Center in Big Bear.  (A Steller’s Jay)


A photographer from the Chicago Tribune snapped this shot while covering the demonstration taking place at O’Hare Airport.

Now, go back and take in each of the photos.  Don’t read any words, just contemplate the picture.

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