He made me cool


When I was a kid,  that is 60 years ago now, my hero, the guy I had lunch with every day, would have his weird puppet buddy, Pooky,  lip sync to someone and I soon learned his name: Mose Allison. The lyrics were funny and his delivery was so unusual it grabbed my attention right away.


I felt hip knowing this jazz insider’s name. As soon as I could buy music I bought his greatest hits album. I was cool and I could prove it – I had Mose Allison on my turn table. In another sign of my aging Mose passed away yesterday. He was 89 and had released an album a year or so ago. I have that record so it must prove I am still cool. My mauvereen friend Marilyn texted me to tell me. That was very kind of her.

So long Mose, be cool.


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