So long Leon

Music is such an important part of any Flanders’ life.  It is interesting how certain artists impress you and you remain ‘fans’ your whole life.  Denise and I used to listen to Leon Russell albums over and over.  After “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” we were hooked and loved everything that kooky Okie came out with.  His voice was strange, scratchy and high pitched, and boyhowdy could he ever play the piano.  He was a studio musician who worked with just about everyone and the leader of the famous Wrecking Crew that made an amazing amount of hit records.


We of course, double borrowed his name and on May 1, 1974 Leon Russell Flanders was born.  Ya, we named our kid after…  The Leon musician was a kind, warm, human who was loved where ever he played.

I guess it is a sign of our own advancing age when we witness the passing of our heroes.  So long Leon, you had a great ride, it was fun to go along with ya.




One response to “So long Leon”

  1. So, I haven’t heard from J Baugh in a million years, but I got an email from him today.  He wanted to send you guys his condolences for your loss of Leon Russell.  


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