At long last, some China Pictures

We spent the first part of the trip in Beijing with our dear sweet Chinese daughter Xinyi (remember, X is pronounced like “Sh”). We stayed in her apartment and she took us all over the capital city.  We also spent time with Xinyi’s good friend YU and our other sweet daughters Chen and Jing.

Here are a few of the initial pictures of Beijing.  As I mentioned, it is the equivalent to our Washington DC.

denise-xinyi-panda-exhibit-0179 Denise and Xinyi at the Beijing Zoo.  Yup, they had a bunch of Pandas.  It is not the major Panda facility, that is in a city far to the southwest of Beijing.

The Great Wall near Beijing city.  the one thing we kept saying over and over as we were part of huge crowds of people:  “It is part of the China Experience”.  We had no frame of reference for how many people are everywhere in China.  always-people-great-wall-iii-0277


At the Temple of Heaven we came upon this little girl posing for photos for her family.  She was part of a traditional Chinese dance class.  It is such a beautiful and interesting culture.

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