What would you take?

Scroll down to the video. Powerful stuff.


One response to “What would you take?”

  1. Well, that certainly was powerful.  You know, I keep thinking of ways to get 8 years olds ready to take on this kind of challenge.  Parents, staff, others often comment how “Mitchell kids seem so tolerant of each other’s differences”.  The differences can be color or culture ( some girls have their hijabs and others talk about their holidays.  Eid just passed.) or behaviors (really, really strange behaviors as I know way more that I’d like).  This new way of teaching (International Baccalaureate) seems good for us.  We have an elementary, middle, and high school.  In elementary, kids learn about their place in their community and how they can make a difference. For example, we took a walk up to the strip mall on Packard (where there all kinds of international markets – Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian), barbers, beauty salons and hookah shops).  The kids picked out Aladdin’s Market as one to study.  We invited the owner to come talk to us.  He’s from Iran and he told us all about his home,his, family, why he came and what’s in his market.  He brought us cookies from the market.  The kids made flyers to put up around school and many parents now go to Aladdin’s Market.  We also did a unit on the Flint Water Crisis and kids made pamphlets, which they passed out and discussed on the U of M campus.  Mind you, these were 7 year olds.  Middle schoolers learn their place in the USA and High Schoolers learn their place in the World.  So, it’s a start. I have been thinking about connecting our third grade class with a third grade class in another country.  Perhaps Serbia or China.  They could send emails and maybe skype with them.  Imma work on this and maybe your Chinese friends can hook us up with a school near them.  So, I’m trying.  But feeling kinda tired……….


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