Denise and I took a short trip to Yosmite

We wanted to visit more National Parks so we thought that as long as we live here, we should drive up to Yosmite.  It is a little over 6 hours to drive there from Big Bear but we took the scenic route, (around 8+ hours) to visit one of the most famous National Parks.  Here are a couple of pictures from our wonderful time in Yosmite.

Lower Yosmite Falls I-0170

El Capatan 1-0010

And my impression of Ansel Adams:

Half Dome 1-0112


One response to “Denise and I took a short trip to Yosmite”

  1. Bonnie Flanders Avatar
    Bonnie Flanders

    That black and white (or is it sepia) of half dome with the clouds is perhaps even better than Ansel Adams. Bravo!


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