This is how I remember it

Entry 9

Middle child

I am sure every family has their logic about when and how to increase their family.  In the early 1950’s things were going well for the entire country.  We pretty much thew up our hands and said, ‘this whole war thing is not working for us’ so we just quit fighting in Korea and went home.

Betty Flanders was making a little bit of money giving piano lessons.  Bill Flanders was finding more and more TVs to fix.  They could add on to their little place on Nordman road, add an garage, talk about moving Bill out of the dirt cellar, (just talk, it didn’t happen for a while and that gave Bonnie the opportunity to fall down into the dungeon a few times).

That meant the whole family size was up for discussion also.  They already had the sullen child.  He sure was quiet and out of the house as much as he could be.  They also had the odd, (I believe ‘quaz’ is the word).  Geez, that kid was weird.  He giggled at his own attempts to be funny and would rather sit in his room and watch Johnny Ginger than go up to the UP to see that new bridge.

But, this is all uninformed speculation, parents rarely share with their other kids why they add to the sibling mix.  Did Mom want to try to finally get a girl?  Was she hoping this one would be the child prodigy singer/piano player?  Was Dad hoping to finally get a little girl he could hold and love?  Van was too distant; Gary was too strange.  Maybe this one would be someone to love unconditionally.  And remember, I have no idea what I am talking about.

Without asking for my opinion, and coming far too close to my birthday:


And then there were 3-

This was the final mix.  We all had our roles to play.  Van and I were close to being set for the duration.  Bonnie had to find and fight for her place.  I always found it interesting that she didn’t allow anyone to determine who and what she was.  I always admired her for that.  She chaffed at Mom’s attempts at control.  She utterly soaked in Dad’s love.  She didn’t think my jokes or antics were funny.  She was mystified at Van’s stoicism.  She was an remains to this day:  Bonnie.

Old people not sure who she is looking at

2 responses to “This is how I remember it”

  1. Very nice, but I think it’s a little too kind and rather restrained. Or is there more??? Perhaps something about pencils?


    1. Nope. It introduces you as a character. Next I’ll go into more life on Nordman and then the move to the west side.

      Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic.” —John Henry Jowet

      Gary Flanders Big Bear, California



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