One of Gary’s Pictures

One of the hobbies I have played with for a few years now is Photography.  I take hundreds of shots hoping to find the magic one.  I have about 30,000 picture files on an external hard drive. I never throw-away a picture.

Most of my pics are now sporting events here in Big Bear.  Haley, Ryan and Brody are in 2-3 sports each.  Every-so-often I take other stuff.  Here is one of my favorites.

In Big Bear they close the downtown area on Halloween and all of the merchants give away candy to kids.  They encourage everyone to wear a costume and there was some good ones.

In walking around I saw this young girl and had to ask her and her Mom if I could take her picture.  The girl answered right away and then Mom said “Ok”.  Mom said her daughter saw this poster and came up with the idea all on her own.  She made the whole thing and figured out how to strap the background poster to her back.

I thought it was a wonderfully creative costume.  There are still creative people coming up and bless parents for being there to encourage the next generation of artists.

We can


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