What a jackass

We have been coming up to Big Bear for about 10 years now.  Every chance we got we came to see the grandkids.  It seems like every time we came Leon or someone would tell us about the wild donkeys.  The story was that in the old gold mining days prospectors would have donkeys for pack animals.  When the gold ran out, the old dudes just let the donkeys go – not needing them to pack anything anymore.  So, these donkeys just headed for places they couldn’t be found and that had food.  They came into Big Bear looking for food and would knock over trash cans etc. in the middle of the night.

I wasn’t so sure about this whole thing but many folks told us the same story.  On Monday, the 7th of September, when I went on my bike ride up into the hills around Hamilton Ranch, yessir, there be donkeys alright.

What a jackass

3 responses to “What a jackass”

  1. So, are they kinda like deer? Do they come into town and eat people’s yards and gardens?


    1. No. And nor do we have snipers in trees shooting at them.


      1. Peaceful folks up there in Big Bear…


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