We survived our first California Forrest Fire!

We were at Brody’s birthday party when we smelled smoke and knew something was wrong.  An ominous Forrest fire had broke out about 7 miles from our house.  Big Bear is a ski resort town with beautiful forests surrounding the whole place.  The blaze began between two of the main ski runs (have not heard how it started yet.)

500 homes were evacuated and the fire crept close to the Big Bear Middle School.  Firefighters responded amazingly quickly and efficiently.  At this point (11:00 a.m. on Monday August 24) the fire is over 50% contained and the fire lines have prevented it from growing or destroying any buildings.

Schools are closed today, due to residual smoke – not because of fire damage.  The air is pretty much cleared, but the smell is still pretty strong.  It is like being in a dome where everyone has a wood fireplace.  My eyes sting and are sore from all of the smoke yesterday.

It was exciting and scary at the same time.  When you have to think about, ‘ok, what do I need to grab’ to ‘bug’ out it does become real.  There are three roads off of the mountain here.  A mandatory evacuation of the entire town could takes hours and hours.

Thank you for your thoughts and concern.  And, God bless the firefighters.

fire 2 fire 1 fire 3 fire 4 fire 5

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