The amazing work Denise does

I dare you not to cry as you watch the amazing work Denise does every day. She has been with Denver Kids for 17 years. She makes a difference every time she goes to work.

One response to “The amazing work Denise does”

  1. Oh man. I had not seen this one. We need this/her so badly at my school. Who funds this program? We certainly could not fund it through the school. In my school, I only have time to give a smile, hug or compliment to kids in the hall. I’ve known many for years – lots of the current 5th graders were in kindergarten with me. It is so heartwarming when a 5th girl or boy wants a quick hug in the hallway from me. I just wish I could do more, but it feels like the whole child is no longer a focus in school. Teachers and all staff are expected to focus only on the curriculum. Any other concerns are to be done on their own time, energy, money. We try, but we’re spent, literally. I just don’t believe a child can learn when they’re hungry, tired, unloved, hurting. I’m not blaming anyone for those conditions, but we’ve got to all work together on this. Like I tell the kindergartners – don’t be a blamer, be a fixer.


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