What Flag Is That 06.27.21

The State of Illinois. A midwestern state, one of the many states we have lived in. The word Illinois most likely was borrowed from the Ojibwe language by French Missionaries. The word irenwe-wa is something they heard the Host Nation people say, the French added their transliterative ‘ois’ and came up with Illinois. (The Ojibwe word translates as “He speaks the regular way”. So, I reckon you could say Illinois means …’dat guy, oh he talks right…’)

The flag does not receive high marks for design. It is basically a white bed sheet with the state seal slapped in the middle. The current version was changed in 1969 from the original design from 1868. In 69, the state legislature decided…’oh we better put our name on the bottom so people know who the flag is for…’

The original state seal, missing the two dates, 1818 and 1869 (1818 when they became a state and 1869 for when the seal was redesigned).
The official coat of arms designed in 1876. Notice the word ‘sovereignty’ is right side up as opposed to upside down on the seal.

We lived in three different cities in the state. Zion, Vernon Hills and Moline. We loved being close to Chicago and in Moline we learned how John Deere changed agriculture with his invention of the machine/tool that would scour the soil to make planting easier. But, it was the people who changed our lives. Our family grew and we have friends as close as family.

Michael was born in Illinois. The Illinois flag is for his birthday, June 27.
Besties, Ted and Judy, along with Mel (Elaine took the picture) parents of cool kids and models for Denise and I – we hope we can be as cool as they are as we age.
Living in Illinois was a ‘Win’. (The flag that flies over Wrigley Field when ‘Da Cubs’ win a game.

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